Karma Coffee Roasters

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April 16, 2021

A Complete Coffee Roaster Rebrand.

The nature of this assignment was to choose a craft beverage business of our choice to then completely rebrand its identity. I chose Karma Coffee Roasters located in Sudbury, Massachusetts for many reasons, but especially because I worked nearby and became a regular customer. I ultimately felt particularly connected to their story. I also saw this as an opportunity to re-envision their small brand, as they currently have very little branding already established.

I reached out to the business directly and assembled a list of questions to better understand the business’ goals and learn more about their organic coffee ventures. I gained insight into their business, learning that their ultimate values lay within sustainability, direct farm trade from developing countries, and organic processes. With these keywords in mind, I created a three-dimensional mood board to assist me in conceptualizing and continued on building an entirely new brand, while making decisions based off of these initial stages of design along the way!

Sustainability, direct farm trade from developing countries, and organic processes.

The final project consisted of a logo, branding system of which included color and type, and the brand implemented in packaging. In 2019, I rebranded Karma Coffee Roasters. In 2021, I revisited the rebrand and made improvements. The first iteration can be seen below.

Designed in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Handmade print and packaging delivered in first iteration of rebranding.

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I began this project in the fall of 2019, but revisited it in the spring of 2021. After a year of growing as a designer, I felt as though I could improve the branding of Karma Coffee Roasters further. Here is the process of how the final branding system (above) came to be!