Labor of Lust

#Branding , #UI , #Prototyping , #FilmProduction , #PosterDesign , #Research
April 27, 2021

An Interface Designed to Combat the Stigma Against Sex Work.

Labor of Lust is an accessible, educational database of all things concerning sex work under the umbrella that progresses systemic change. However, there's a lot of information to unpack, so Labor of Lust dives further into sex work on a more individualized level, through journalistic photography and conversation, to explore the relationship between sex work and sex worker. Thus, I created a survey of questions and reached out to the community for their input. This project is an informative window into how the lives of sex workers are impacted by actions made against their job. This was my degree project at MassArt, and was presented to my program in April 2021.

Sex work is real work.

The final project consisted of a prototype web interface, a poster campaign series advertising the interface, a designed deck to be presented to a panel of judges, and a promotional video for the presentation.

Designed in Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign, video made in Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Portrait photography by Samantha Knox

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