Poivre Magazine

#EditorialDesign , #Typography
April 2, 2021

A Conceptual Food Magazine.

During my junior year at MassArt, I completed a project in which I was prompted to create a cohesive magazine consisting of the content of my choice. As an avid foodie, I jumped at the chance to explore the world of possibilities within food editorial design and concluded with Poivre Magazine. I began this project in March of 2020 and completed it in May of 2020. When I approached the magazine again in April 2021, I realized it required a good weed-through. I’ve completely re-typeset it since then.

Good enough to eat.

The final project consisted of a conceptual magazine, of which included three editorial departments and two feature articles along with necessary sections like a masthead and table of contents.

Designed in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Body content and photography provided by Condé Nast's Bon Appetit. Illustrations by Samantha Knox.

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